Dieses Training von 1,5 Stunden bringt Balance in Bewegung und Bewegungslosigkeit und sorgt für Entspannung und Erneurung des gesamten Energieflusses.

Mit achtsamen Atmen, Grinberg Stopping Movement inspirierten Techniken setzen wir unser System zurück auf "Null" und bringen unseren Körper und unser Nervensystem wieder in Balance.



Join this 1,5 hour mindful body flow training to find your physical freedom and expression as we train balancing our being and doing - resulting in feeling grounded, empowered and light.

Expect some intensity, followed by restorative and rejuvenating elements using techniques inspired by Grinberg Stopping Movement, including the use of balls, sticks and rubber bands.

Training regularly affects your awareness of self in space while moving with others and increases your ability to focus and expands your attention and options in your daily life.