What to expect?

... come as you are!

Whether we are happy or sad, sick or well, connected to our spirit or not, our "state of being" is either in or out of alignment with who we really are.  When it is in alignment we:


∞ Experience joy and vitality


∞ Treat ourselves and our bodies with love and respect


∞ Treat others with love and respect


∞ Have a sense of purpose


∞ Are in flow


And when we are out of alignment, we are more prone to sickness and experience the exact opposite of all of these qualities!

The goal is to harmonise your state of being so that you can effortlessly create the life you want!


1:1 Sessions include empathetic touch using the somatic approach of Pantarei © (former School Directors of the Grinberg Method ) as well as breath work techniques and the verbal communication approach of NVC (Non Violent Communication ©).


It is complementary to mainstream Western medicine and its aim is to connect to the body's natural power source:


It is a hands on approach and sessions usually begin on a massage table - It is however not to be equated with massage therapy:


In massage therapy oil or lotion is used to reduce the friction between hands and skin. Here little if any lubrication is used, as the goal of this type of hands-on treatment is to warm, relax and stretch the fascia (a band or sheath of connective tissue that covers, supports, or connects the muscles and the internal organs) and the underlying layers of tissue.


After having alleviated acute pain or distress, I invite you to join me in learning about the way your body works, how physical health is linked to your thoughts and feelings and how to instinctively compensate for imbalances as soon as they arise!

It is one thing to be able to alleviate the pain of a headache, it is quite another thing to be able to find the causes of that headache within a person’s whole life situation, so that these causes can be addressed and transformed!

We explore the causes rather than just treat the symptoms!


Each individual process varies in length based on the client’s goals, objectives and availability. The estimated length of any process, as well as the related fee schedule will be discussed during the first few sessions in order to create a clear expectation for the duration of the process.


Remember, our health is very precious, and you are the only you you’ve got!

I would be delighted to support you in taking the necessary steps to reestablish, protect and preserve it!