My Story:


I grew up in the German Alps (a picturesque town called Berchtesgaden in Upper Bavaria) where next to my academic career I nurtured my passion for snowboarding and for a long time I was able to turn the gloomy, dark and cold winter months into a blissful second summer.


Until 2012 - when I had an accident - which resulted in heavy restrictions in daily routine affairs and quitting snowboarding altogether.


I felt seriously let down by my body and its uncontrolled shots of pain. My knee and me we were no longer friends and with countless failed treatments the winters became dark and gloomy again.



Just before giving up (it is darkest before it's dawn 😉) I discovered Body Works and it had such a profound impact it changed my life forever: 


After 3 months my knee recovered 80% and after just one year it was back up to 100% - I was blown away by how quickly my knee recovered! 

WOHOO - back into the wild I went that winter: my knee and me - we had to celebrate our lost and refound friendship!!

Very much impressed by the quick recovery I wanted MORE and MORE was being offered:



I have been abstinent from drugs and alcohol for more than 13 years and my overall wellbeing has improved by 300% !

I am committed to a daily maintenance program which guarantees a good night sleep,  minimal PMS, rare intake of pain killers and quick recovery from any physical or emotional challenges.



I am not only taking regular snowboarding trips again but I also expanded into other action board based sports such as splitboarding and wakeboarding!



I nurture multiple streams of income that best use my abilities and unique gifts which let me be of service to others while enjoying an abundant life with grace, ease and fun.


After years of focusing on self healing and personal transformation I was nudged to pass it on and I have gratefully embraced it asi t allows me to join my knowledge with passion and touch people's life in a whole new way!


While I have become a devoted trainer I also remain a student and continue to be humbled and amazed to witness the miracle that the human body learns and integrates more quickly than the human mind.

My mission is to support you in tuning into the full potential of your body, leading a life free from suffering and guiding you to sustainable ways for more vitality, lightness and joy!