This is for you if you are interested in ...

+ Relief of acute or chronic physical pain +

+ Cultivating the bodys natural healing power +

+ Increasing resilience +




+ Being present, focused and at ease +


+ Taming and befriending your monkey mind +


+ Transforming emotions and stabilizing mood swings +


+ Digesting and integrating intense moments in your life +


+ Feeling grounded + light at the same time +




+ Being with others while staying connected and true to yourself +


+ Embodying your dreams and wishes +


+ Burning for something without burning out +




+ Getting additional support for overcoming substance abuse +


+ Surfing the often wild Kundalini waves +

Process Duration + Prices

Just 2 sessions can improve current conditions massively!


However each process is different and thus varies in lenght, depending on your "state of being" and your wishes.


I therefore warmly invite you to see me for a Trial to discuss your goals and possible duration and payment plans!




30 min I FREE


Full Trial

60-75 mins I € 39.-


Acute Relief:

1-2sessions à 60-75 mins | € 59.-/session


Learning about how to maintain the flow:

3-6 sessions à 60-75 mins | € 49.-/session




Due to the nature of the business

all sessions can be deducted from your annual German income tax!